Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Literary Study Bible - ESV

Like I need a new bible but the new “Literary Study Bible” (ESV) from Crossway may be hard to resist. When I took my Old Testament class in seminary one of the many great things I learned was that we need to read the Bible as literature since that is the primary medium God has determined to use to convey His message to use. When we begin to see the Bible as literature, albeit divine literature, we will begin to better see the message God is conveying to us. Too often we read scripture in all the same manner, revelatory the same as narrative, and this will hinder our understanding of the word of God that is right in front of us. This may seem foreign to some but the idea is not to minimize the inspiration of the text but to better see what God has inspired or better yet expired, breathed out, (2Tm 3:16) out of the various authors in various literary forms.

You can look at more information about this bible here: Crossway "The Literary Study Bible"

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