Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Congress Gets Pay Raise

Is there not something wrong with the government being able to vote for their own pay raises? It is reported here that they will get a $4,700 a year raise starting this month. The problem is the impetuous for them not to do so should come from the people, us, calling them on the carpet for giving themselves raise when they cannot balance the budget without raising taxes, and even then they cannot do so, and are basically doing an awful job, but alas there is no outcry. If I was to do the job they are doing I would be fired and for sure not get a raise.

Here in California there is talk of the state government giving IOUs for tax refunds this year. I am thinking there has to be some illegality here since the money is not even theirs if they have to give it back to over taxing. Let alone many of them get a pay raise as I hear Nancy Pelosi will get a $6,100 raise. I have worked in at least one company that as the company floundered financially we got pay decreases but we will never see that in the bloated government we have.

But I forgot all that will change when the new messiah comes into office in a few weeks, wonder if he got a raise as well. Remember this is the messiah that raised over $700 Million to win an election but remember he is just a guy like you and me, at least that is what he told people and I guess a large number of people believed him.

I really do not write much on politics because it just infuriates me when I read all these politicians do and then call themselves public servants. I think for many of them they mean we are their servants. The problem is they are to serve God (Rom 13:1) as God places them where they are for His purposes not theirs and we need to constantly remind them who they ultimately serve even if they do not believe in God. At the end of the day they are going to answer to God and the way our government seems to be heading I would not want to be them.

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Antoinette K. said...

Wow, you really got me thinking Dad!

Our goverment is sooooo corrupt!