Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homeschool Dropouts DVD

We just watched the new DVD Homeschool Dropouts last night and it is a must see for homeschool families. This DVD deals with the question of the current (2nd) generation of homeschoolers and how they will deal with homeschooling with their families. The conclusion of the documentary is that if the next generation is not diligent and does not deal with some specific sin issues they will lead their families down a different path.

I have long seen the issue with Christian homeschooling and its often inordinate focus on academics with a lesser focus on the biblical mandate to homeschool. This misguided focus will lead to the next generation not basing homeschooling decisions on scripture but on a myriad of other reasons all of which will probably lead them away from homeschooling. As with all things if they are not grounded in God’s all sufficient word they will not stand the test of time.

“From the producers of Return of the Daughters and Father to Son comes a revealing documentary featuring homeschool graduates who take a critical look at how to preserve the modern home education movement. Their findings may surprise you. Homeschooled children have unique advantages as well as a unique legacy. Will they build on it, or drift back into the spiritual wilderness? What will tomorrow’s homeschool graduates do with the vision, the foundation, and the freedom that their parents have provided for them? Careful research by the seven Botkin children opens a window on the true state of American homeschooled youth ages 15-30, revealing six specific sins that could lead to the death of the homeeducation experiment if not dealt with directly by second-generation Christian homeschoolers. This controversial documentary addresses the spiritual threats to the movement, and explores how faithfulness can be maintained for a hopeful future.”

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