Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sufficiency of Scripture Conference - Session 3 (12/10)

The following are  my notes and thoughts during the talks at the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference so they may not be the exact wording of the speaker but their words and the ideas I took from the speaker.  Also I apologize for typos as this was done so as to get it online ASAP:

Our Declining Church and Culture: The Genesis Connection and how to Continue a Godly Heritage (The Genesis 3 Attack) - Ken Ham
  • 1 Chron 12:32
    • We are in interesting times
    • Do we know our times?
    • Atheists have a vast advertising campaign and are aggressive in their campaign 
    • While they are a minority, atheists are being heard and influencing the culture
    • Moral relativism is rampant in the US
  • Judges 21:25
    • This verse speaks to the moral relativism of the day
    • That people simply want to do what is right in their own eyes
  • 2 Cor 11:3
    • Paul is warning that Satan even today will seek to get people to not believe the bible
    • This is the Genesis 3 attack
    • An attack on the veracity of God’s word
    • An attack on the Sos
  • Psalm 11:3
    • Speaks to the foundations being attacked
    • That is what the world seeks to attack
  • Why are young people leaving the church - Study done for the book Already Gone
  • Study showed that the major reason given was hypocrisy
    • Hypocrisy in that the church leaders were saying to believe the bibles but they did not live that out
  • The study also found that children were not only being lost in college but more were lost as early as 1st grade
  • The study revealed that doubting of the bible starts early
  • Also found that those who went to Sunday School were more likely to have issue with believing Scriptures veracity
  • God’s word has been under attack since Genesis 3
  • It has been attacked in various ways
  • But it is being attacked
  • And the attack today has been particularly focused on questioning the truth of Gen 1-11
  • Which in the end erodes the foundation for marriage and other doctrines
  • The schools the children are being sent to are attacking the foundations that Genesis lays
  • Teaching is instead to be about what God said not what man said
  • Even Christian colleges will not take a stand on Gen 1-11 and the students see this and then also do not trust the foundations in those passages
  • Since the 1800’s churches have come up with any number of ways around the clear teaching of Scripture
  • They have put their theories into the Bible rather than taking them out of Gods word
  • So the Genesis 3 attack of our day is the attack on the word day
  • By supposing millions of years into the bible
  • Many theologians have admitted to the word day in Genesis being a regular 24 hour day but then say that it could not be due to other outside influences
    • So again the Bible is being defined by outside influences even in light of the clear reading of a text
    • Again many admit this bias
    • This is not just liberal theologians but includes many conservative and even reformed theologians
    • Ones that we would agree on much but when it comes to Genesis 1-11 they defer to science
  • So again man is put in authority over God’s word instead of the opposite
  • We need to anchor everything to the word of God
  • The leaders of he church need to call people back to the SoS
  • If they will not then the church needs to do so
  • But the SoS needs to be instilled in everyone from the youngest to oldest
  • But for sure it needs to start early as shown by the statistics show

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    Brandon said...

    I am just finishing Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the churches that Reach Them By Ed Stetzer. It is a very interesting research book on young people (book focuses on twentysomethings) and their views of the church. Good read.