Friday, December 04, 2009

Venture Academy Basic Entrepreneurial DVD Training Series Sale

We have been watching the Venture Academy Basic Entrepreneurial DVD Training Series and it has been great. I would highly recommend this for families and it would work especially well as a homeschool curriculum with regards to business.

The Venture Academy is divided into six primary areas of business fundamentals; Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Operations, Technology & Service Management, Human Resources, Business Communications & Legal, Venture Analysis.
• features renowned Harvard MBA, serial entrepreneur, Wade Myers
• a"mini-MBA" Harvard-modeled experience
• a small fraction of the cost of university study
• teaches the language, terms, concepts, and practices of the business world
• provides a Christian worldview perspective to business practices
• equips students to evaluate business opportunities
• includes real-world case-study methodology

Right now you can order this DVD set which is on sale at a savings of $120 and with the coupon code, shipmyvafree12, get free shipping.  ORDER HERE

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