Friday, August 04, 2006

Amillenialism: What It Is and Is Not

There is a good article over at Fide-O on amillennialism called A Quick Look at Amillennialism. The article lists what amillenialism is and is not as well as listing a number of people that adhere to this eschatological view. I would probably take RC Sproul and Gary Demar off of the list as I do not think they would claim to hold to this eschatological view presently..

Amillennialism has been greatly misunderstood in this age of dispensationalism, there are just no movies that employ this eschatology, and the list of what it is and is not may help those that do not completely understand the view.


Scott Hill said...

I think an amil movie would be a little boring.

Tony said...

I just guess those of us that hold to an a-mill position just do not have a good enough PR department :)

RevyRev said...

Just wait for the pretribers to get raptured out of the endtimes PR market. Then the amills will make their move.