Thursday, August 17, 2006

Integrity in Church Membership

Comments on Tom’s Ascol’s resolution on "Integrity in Church Membership" at the last SBC meeting in Greensboro:

Reflections from Tom Ascol on the resolution

Mark Dever – TG4

Strange Baptist Fire

One reason I think that many in the hierarchy of the SBC as well as many members would not pass such a resolution is that if it was passed, and followed, think of the ramifications.

The news the next day would read something like: “SBC Exodus: SBC looses 8 million members.” Actually the number might be hogher than 8 million. Now you and I know that in reality there were never truly that many regenerate members but the pride of being able to say we have 17+ million members seems to override the truth of the matter.

At the heart of this is pride because adjusting membership lists would mean churches would have to admit they had been accepting non-regenerate members for some time, pride will not allow this. Thus it is a travesty that we continue to cover up what membership really is.

I pray that the SBC over the next year will truly get down on their knees and seek God’s will in this. Next year I would pray that the same resolution would be brought to the floor and be able to be voted on.

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