Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Around the Web and Blogosphere (11/04/08) - Election Day Edition

Doug Phillips in his blog post: Maxims of Christ's Servant Standing Before the Political Parties of America give good insight on this election day, gives a great overview on how we should vote as believers. Here is part of what he says:

When I step into the ballot box I am there representing the Lord Jesus. This means that I am bound by the standards He has established in His Word for the selection of leaders, and am not to be motivated and directed by my own private opinions or fears. I stand alone before God and am personally responsible to Him for the choices I make. I am not responsible for the sinful choices of those who may not be committed to representing the Lord in the ballot box, or who will not be governed by His transcendent standards. I would rather honor the Lord than win an election. I recognize that my obedience will have more to do with God’s blessing on this nation, regardless of an election outcome, than my man-centered efforts at political victory. Ultimately, however, I believe in victory. I do so because I serve the God who not only owns the cattle on a thousand hills, but who will vanquish his opponents in His time and in His way. As Christ’s servant standing before the political parties of America, I am content to know this, to trust Him and to be faithful.

Also from Mr. Philips: Five Things Which Are No Different About This Election from All Other Presidential Elections in Our History
1. God is still on the throne.
2. The Scriptures are still the only rule of action for Christians.
3. The duty of believers at the ballot box is the same today as it has always been. We may only select leaders who meet the Scriptural requirements for civil magistrate. Leaders need not be perfect, but they must be qualified.
4. The obedient response of the elect of God to the Lord Jesus Christ and His law-word, not partisan politics or the results of presidential elections, is the key to national blessing.
5. The results of the presidential election, regardless of who wins, will work together for the good of the elect of God.

Voddie Baucham speaks to our call to vote in his post: Now Go Vote. With regards to all he has written he says: I want to help Christians THINK BIBLICALLY when it comes to politics.
I cannot agree more as that is exactly what we need to do, THINK BIBLICALLY

Albert Mohler asks for us to pray this election day in his post: A Prayer for America on Election Day, and pray we should.

Here is some good insight from Steve Camp on the times we are in: Facing Perilous times: ….reacting biblically to the disintegration of our culture. No matter the results today God is still God and He is still sovereign. Lets us live as such.

Listen to Kevin Swanson’s radio show Generations Radio: Who You Gonna Vote for?

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