Monday, November 03, 2008

Who Shall We Serve

I heard it said that it was not all too long ago that in our nation it was common place for a pastor to speak to an upcoming election the Sunday before the election. In checking the internet I found that from the early 1600’s to the 1800’s it was common place for a sermon to be given that had as a focus that of giving biblical perspective on the voting process and God’s part in it. So this past Lord’s Day I preached such a sermon: Who Shall We Serve. I used Joshua 24:14-18 as sort of a base for the sermon because we are not only to claim we serve God but to do so in action and that starts by relying on His all sufficient word. All too many Christians at this time of year seem to be relying on pragmatics rather then scripture in their voting decisions. To add to this there is fear that Christians should not have since we above all should realize that the God we serve is sovereign over the outcome of any election and thus while we are to be diligent in voting as God leads, by His word, we at the same time need to know that God’s will will be done.

My prayer is that we realize that scripture is sufficient to guide our decisions and that we would display that we do serve God by relying on Him and His revealed word for the actions we take. At the end of the day on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning or whenever the winner is announced God will still be on His throne and we will still be citizens of His kingdom.

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