Saturday, November 08, 2008

Proposition 8 Protests

I was thinking this morning about the No on Proposition 8 protestors, here in California, that are doing so because they did not get their way. It is interesting that we so easily accept these protests but what if those that disliked the fact that Barak Obama was elected went out and protested what would people say. .

Proposition 8 won in California by a margin of a little over 507,000 votes (52.4% - 47.6%) and that in a state that voted 60.9% to 37.3% for Barak Obama, that says a lot. If you compare this to the US vote total in the popular vote Barak Obama, based on numbers I have seen, won 52.3% to 46.3% in the popular vote nationwide. If the No on Proposition 8 voters feel slighted and do not feel the people have spoken what would happen if nationally people protested and said the same about the general election for our new president.

I do understand the feeling the other side has in their loss but that does not necessitate a protest. That is unless their agenda is much more than simply to be married and they have a much bigger agenda. As I said in my last post you need to watch the documentary by the Gunn Brothers, Shaky Town to see that agenda and the passion they have to see it fulfilled. Before Proposition 8 won it was clear that if it did win the fight wasn’t over and it is not.

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Jessica Martiele said...

You make an excellent point, and I have always believed they have a much larger agenda: to require people of all faiths to accept their lifestyle as God-supported, which we will not. Keep your fingers crossed - and pray really hard - as our state endures the lawsuits of people who before the vote was cast did not bring forth lawsuits. (Why only now that they've lost? Wouldn't the same ideas apply prior to the election?) Thanks for this!