Friday, November 07, 2008

The Documentary - Shaky Town

I just got done watching the documentary Shaky Town by the Gunn Brothers and it was very good. With all that has transpired and is transpiring regarding Proposition 8 in California it is eye opening to see all that has gone on in California in the last year or so. I live in Southern California and because the press is very one sided I had not know all of the things that have taken place in San Francisco. I would recommend this movie to anyone so that you can see that the homosexual community has an agenda and so should we. Our agenda is to be driven by god as revealed in His word. To defend marriage is not just to defend a word but it is to stand up for what God has ordained form the beginning.

This is not just an issue for California but for the rest of the United States. Even now there are protests in the streets against the passage of Proposition 8 but I would have to say the press, whether purposefully or not, is giving a biased view of things. The protests shown on TV are in areas with; in general, large homosexual communities and the numbers relative to the actual population of California are small. However they are vocal and the picture the press gives is one that would appear not quite what it is. But do not think that homosexual community will sit back, just watch the DVD and you will see this issue will not go away until we stand up for God’s word as diligently as they stand up for their opinions.

You can download Shaky Town from for only $4.95 and it is well worth it. You can also buy it from the Gunn Brothers for $18 if you want the actual DVD. One note is that this documentary is not for little children and maybe even not for those under 13 as it does deal with issues of a sexual nature that young minds may not be ready for. But parents need to see this documentary.

From the Gunn Brothers:

The Gunn Brothers take you to Shaky Town to show you a history of Christian persecution including fire bomb attacks, threats, legal assaults, and now, more recently, a mayor who attacks the Christian institution of marriage.

You'll hear testimonies from Christian Heroes involved in a front-line battle against immorality in the so-called “tolerant” city. You'll also see real video footage of Christian churches in San Francisco being attacked by violent groups of homosexuals. So be warned, this movie is not for the faint-hearted!

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