Sunday, February 01, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (2/1/09)

Over at Ketocton Baptists they have a copy of a letter by Doug Phillips wife Beal in response to a letter they received some years ago. In light of Mrs. Pelosi’s irresponsible comments lately this letter is very timely. Here is the question asked by the questioner and the beginning of Mrs. Philips response:

[Mr. Phillips] Your poor wife must be sick of popping out kids? Stop overpopulation! Use birth control for (expletive deleted)! Pitiful. Stop adding “freaks” to our society. Abstain. God would want you to (sic).

“Dear _, God bless you. This is Doug’s “poor” wife here writing to assure you that “popping out” kids, though challenging, is among the most glorious gifts that the Lord bestows upon a redeemed woman. ………”

Paul Vaughn has opened up a blog that has many good articles on economics: Full Quiver Financials. I alwaya appreciate Paul's vies onteh economy so am looking forward to reading what he has on this site.

Here is a Pro-Life add that as I understand it NBC decided not to show. It is definitely filled with irony considering the views on life of the person mentioned at the end.

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