Friday, February 06, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (2/6/09)

This months free audio book download at is: Not For Sale by David Batstone. Use the coupon code FEB2009 when checking out to get the free download.

Having recently signed up for Facebook I found Albert Mohler’s article: Facebook Turns Five: Thoughts on Social Networking to be one that may be helpful to those out there that are new to Facebook as well as those that have used it for some time. While it may be a way to communicate from what I have seen it can also be a way for people to disconnect from real relationships that are face to face. Also, it, as with many other technologies seems to be one that can begin to consume vast amounts of time if one is not careful. I encourage parents to take Dr. Mohler’s advice and be vary wary about letting children and youth use this medium without appropriate supervision.

Over at the Truth and Love blog is a post on college education: Searching for an Alternative College Education. Voddie endorses College Plus which I would as well from what I have been able to see of it from their website and a seminar I have been to. Also of interest should be Voddie “synopsis of a five-point sermon” he says his children have heard over and over and the points given are ones we should be sharing with our children and others as well.

You can download the messages from the 2009 Desiring God Pastors conference here.

Doug Phillips has a blog post on: Our Coming Demographic Winter, Part I. I posted on the DVD Demographic Winter some time back, here, and it is a very good one to watch

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