Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review of: What He Must Be..If He Wants to Marry My Daughter

Well I just finished Voddie Baucham Jr.’s new book: What He Must Be: ...If He Wants to Marry My Daughter.

This is a book every father, or father to be, needs to read. You do not have to have a daughter to read this book as it speaks to the issue of marriage and how as parents we need to be integral in the process of finding a spouse for our children. This is not by arranging marriages but making sure we do more than simply stand by and give empty approval. We need to raise sons worthy of marriage to our daughters and to raise daughters that know what God calls for in a spouse.

As with most reviews there is only so much one can cover and I cannot encourage you to read this book enough. There may be things that are counter cultural, such as seeing dating as detrimental to marriage, but that is not because the conclusion stated are wrong but because we are so influenced by current practices that anything foreign to them seem wrong. Many times choices need to speak out and Voddie is one of those voices.

The chapters in this book are:

1) Multigenerational Vision
2) The Mystery of Marriage
3) A Father’s Role
4) He Must be a Follower of Christ
5) He Must be Prepared to Lead
6) He Must Lead Like Christ(Eph 5)
7) He Must Be Committed to Children
8) He Must Practice the Four P’s
- Protector, Provider, Prophet, Priest
9) Don’t Send a Woman to Do a Man’s Job
10)Can’t Find One…Build One

We are called not simply to bring forth daughters and sons into the world but to be used by God to mold them and then send them off in an appropriate manner. All too often in an effort to not appear to be “old fashioned” or out of touch with the present we send our daughters off to fend for themselves instead of being the father God calls us to be. Voddie sets forth not only sound advice but sound advice grounded in scripture. Scripture needs to be sought after not only for salvation but it is also sufficient for leading us in raising sons worthy of marring our daughters and daughters worthy to marry our sons.

I asked my sons the other day if they were the type of men that would be worthy husbands for their sister. Once the initial sounds of laughter ceased they got the point and that is we are not simply to be vigilant in raising daughters to marry in the Lord and in helping to find them worthy husbands. We are to also raise sons worthy of marrying when the time arises.

Again reading Voddie’s new book is for any father whether you have daughters sons or both. Read this book with a heart to see what God says about marriage and preparing our children for marriage. There may be, depending where you presently stand with regards to dating and courtship and the like, things that are uncomfortable but I would pray you would take from this book that the future of our sons and daughters are to be important to us and that often times this may mean difficult decisions need to be made for their good. If we rely on God and His principles instead of the world’s manner of things our families will be healthy and more God glorifying and they will then produce healthy and God glorifying families.

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