Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Someone Saw This Coming

Thanks to the Truth in Love Blog post: Did Anyone See This Collapse Coming? Yup! For the videos below. Peter Schiff is shown in the videos below talking about a coming collapse (these are from as far back August of 2006) in our economy due to fundamental flaws in how our economy works. The many that scoffed at him should be embarrassed at the how they laughed at his predictions.

While there are many “fat cats” that have contributed to this economic “crisis” all too often that is used as an excuse to overlook the basic aspect of greed by Americans that has contributed to this current problem. If you build an economy on spending, and specifically spending on credit, it has to collapse sometime because sooner or later the bubble bursts. As Schiff relates in the midst of the videos the only true course of action is a tough pill to swallow but it is to allow our economy to naturally correct. Spending our way out of economic times such as these is foolhardy and actually very irresponsible.

I was saddened, but not surprised, as I listened to the President’s press conference Monday as all that I heard was the usual mantra from Washington: “We are the only one who can solve your problems” & “We need to spend more money to do it.” Again, while not surprised it was interesting to see the press never really ask tough questions such as: “Where is the money going to come from for all these plan’s.” One person came close when asking about our spending problems but the answer given by the President was laughable, he once again blamed everyone but us as a nation, and his answer was not questioned.

While the President could take time to remark about what lessons our children will learn from Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use he did not mention the lessons our children would learn from the Government. A lesson that they can spend now and contemplate the consequences later and when it comes to consequences the lesson is that there are none.

The government is not the answer. God has placed governments in place to protect the people and serve Him, the most important part, (Rom 13:1-7). However our government, as most in the world, does everything but serve God and instead seeks to have the people serve their whims and fantasies. When a government has no basis for what it does but relies on its “own understanding” (Prov 3:5-6) and does what is right in “its own eye’s” (Judges 21:25) you get the government we presently have and not the one that wrote our constitution.

Let us pray that our country sees the need to return to a standard that is not man’s but God’s. The truth is that even Peter Schiff misses the answer. Not that his economic principles may be correct but they need a foundation and that foundation must be the word of God, all of the word of God. Tough times are not new and God places His people in them to refine them and we may be in such a time. It is only principles firmly rooted in God’s word that have lasting affect and so that is where we are to turn and not to government. Let us pray that our government begins to see its true purpose, to serverGod and be used by Him for His glory.

Here are the videos:

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