Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (5/5/09)

This months free audiobook download at ChristianAudio.com is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (unabridged). You simply have to have a free account with ChristianAudio and then type in May2009 for the coupon code.

Nathaniel Darnell has revised his site Persevero, check it out. His most recent article is: The Purpose of the Law. In a day and age where the professing church appears to be seeking to distance itself from the law of God this is a good article to read.

Scott Head at These are the Generations of… writes on: Essentials of the Family Integrated Church: Fathers are being equipped to be spiritual leaders of their homes.

Doug Philips wrote an excellent article: The Return of the Child Catcher of Vulgaria: Why Christian Homeschool Families Are Being Targeted for Public Censure.

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