Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tennessee Day 7 & 8

Well on Friday (5/8) we basically stayed home as Nik was sick and the weather was questionable. There was a tornado watch for a large area, that included where we are, for most of the day. So we stayed home and relaxed. In the evening we had the electricity go out but all was back on around midnight or so. Below is a weather map from 5/8 that shows the area we are in.

Today (5/9) we went and helped someone that attends Covenant Family Fellowship move from Nashville to Centerville. It rained quite a bit in the beginning of the move but it finally subsided and we got the trucks loaded and sent them off to Centerville as we were only able to help with the loading in Nashville. Sorry no pictures of me doing manual labor as we got so busy moving Andrew forgot. When I got back to the Smith’s house I found Nik not feeling any better and his ear was now hurting so it was off to the Urgent Care where he was given some antibiotics for his ear. The good news was that he did not have strep throat. If you’re in the area and need an Urgent Care the one we visited in Franklin Tennessee was very helpful: Walk-In Medical Center with Dr. Rudge. By the Way this is the only doctors office I have ever been in that had Answers In Genesis magazines in the office.

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