Monday, May 04, 2009

The True First 100 Days of Obama’s Presidency

The US asked for change and that is what we are getting. Voddie Baucham placed this video from FRC on his blog: THE FIRST “100 DAYS OF CHANGE FOR THE FAMILY”

This is in only 100 days imagine what change he can bring in the days to come.

When our governing authorities, including many that carry the label conservative, refuse to hold to God’s all sufficient word for their standard the change that will happen will not be God honoring. Our current president has his own standards and he desires, along with the people around him, to impose those standards on the people he is supposed to serve. We need to not only be angry because we are killing babies at a disgusting rate but are to be even more offended because the government is denying and going against God’s word. We need to always remember to base our standards on God’s word and not only our opinion because if we do not do so we will not be standing on any firmer ground than our government and its leaders.

Let us stand on the word of God.

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