Thursday, May 21, 2009

IExplorer Error

If you have experienced IExplorer aborting when trying to get on my blog or some other Blogger sites it seems there is an issue with the widget "Followers" that IExploere does not like. Once I took the widget out the blog seems to work fine. From what I can tell this is being worked on and only seems to affect IExplorer and not Firefox.

Sorry if this caused any problems earlier.

Added 5/21/09 8:40 PM

It seems this is not true for all sites as I have been on other sites that have Follower and they work as well as it seems others are having problees even after taking it out. I was checking and it seems Blogger knows there is some sort of problem but do not yet know what it is. I guess the best answer is to quit using IE 7 or 8 but that probably is not realistic.


Brandon said...

Nobody should be using Internet Explorer anyways :)

Tony said...

Maybe it should be called Internet Exploder