Thursday, June 01, 2006

Complementarianism and Egalitarianism

The issue of complementarianism and egalitarianism is an important issue that is all too often ignored due to its divisive nature. It would seem that the mere fact it is divisive shows its importance. But even more important is that at the heart of the matter is ones view of scripture and what drives that view. On reading a number of articles and books it seems evident that all too often culture drives the hermeneutic of egalitarians and thus their interpretation. One may say that this is a single issue and it should not be so front and center but an even bigger issue is that if culture drives your hermeneutic on the issue of men and women it will do so on other issues. This, in my opinion, can be seen in many of the main line denominations that some time ago took an egalitarian view and are now seriously debating the homosexual issue with regards to ordination and basically whether it is a sin or not. At the Together for the Gospel Blog Mark Dever writes a good article, Undermining Tolerance of Egalitarianism, articulating, better than I, the importance of this issue.

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