Sunday, June 04, 2006

Group Book Reading

After talking to Dave, Christ is All, we have decided to read a book and comment on it on our blogs. Over the next month any suggestion would be appreciated and if you would like to join in just let us know. We will then link to each others blog. My goal is to start when I get back from vacation July 9th and read an comment on chapters as agreed upon based on the book.. This should give us time to pick a book and get a copy.

Here are the suggestions I have so far:

The Death of Death: in the Death of Jesus Christ - Owen

The Bondage of the Will - Luther

The Mortification of Sin - Owen


RevyRev said...

I can't wait.

Glenn Leatherman said...


of course I will join in. I will think about book suggestions. As of right now it is late and I am getting ready to leave for the SBC

Glenn Leatherman said...

How about reading Lectures to my Students"

Glenn Leatherman said...

how about reading a Biblical book and exegeting it. The participants could read the same or different commentaries. We could deal with the original languages as we do this as well. What do you think? Just a thought.