Tuesday, June 27, 2006

God's Will and His Sovereignty

How often do you hear, “I am seeking God’s will in this or that situation”, or some such statement? I have said this a number of times, actually quite a few times lately. As I go through life I begin to think I see clearly what God has in store for my family and I and then things just do not go as I planned. That is the problem; I think things should go as I plan while only God has the perfect plan. How the Open Theist, whether by belief or practice, deals with life I will never know as when things go out of whack, from their perspective, they can only guess that God is not involved in the situation. Thus the situation at hand is just something that happened. While those that see God as actually being sovereign, in belief and practice, may not be comfortable with the situation at hand but they can know that God is in control for His Glory and His Glory is paramount. This is when we need to turn to God and ask forgiveness, as I seem to do often lately, and rest the situation on Him and rely on His sovereignty, the sovereignty that I believe in so strongly.

Understanding the sovereignty of God is vital to going through life since while we may not know the extent of God’s will for our life, the end as well as the journey, we can know that at any moment God is intimately involved in it. So for myself I have felt, what ever that really means, called to full time ministry but nothing has happened, at least from my perspective. Recently God has brought some possibilities to the surface but I am not sure where they will go but I know for some reason and purpose God is using these situations to further His glory. What I do know is that at my present secular job I get to minister almost daily in some fashion. Is this what God wants me to do forever I do not know but for now I have to be confident in God’s plan as it is the only perfect plan. While Job’s world seemed to crumble and he was confused and bewildered about what was happening He did not deny God. I think that while he struggled with all that happened he knew that God must have had a reason for his predicament and it was not required of God to reveal that purpose. We too need to see all that happens in our lives as part of God’s plan, both the good and bad. Those terms are so open for interpretation because what we see as good and bad look totally different to God. Christ on the cross looked bad from the disciples perspective but ultimately it was to glorify God to the maximum.

As I said I feel that God has called me to full time ministry, it may be tomorrow or in 20 years. Whatever His timing it will be and is perfect. I need to be obedient, repent when I waver, and constantly seek Him and He will reveal things as He sees fit. In all of what goes on in my life it is knowing that God is truly sovereign over everything and all that He does is perfect that brings peace even in the midst of what I may see adversity or strife.

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