Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Thoughts on the SBC Annual Meeting

I posted these comments at Grace and Truth to You and thought as it expresses some of my thoughts on the up coming SBC Annual meeting and the ensuing vote for a president I would post them here as well:

There is a lot of interesting information out there with regards to the various nominees for SBC President but at the end of the day how many people know anything substantial about the candidates, who as I understand it, are not officially nominated until the convention. This means that in the end people will vote by name recognition and probably not out of any firm understanding of where each person stands with regards to Theology and to Methodology.

I know this whole process will not change this year and I also realize we do not want people running around campaigning for the position of president but there has to be a better answer than show up and vote for the name you recognize. This is the first year in the 12 years I have been a SBCer that I have known much about the candidates myself other than name and I attribute this to the internet/blogosphere. The internet is far from perfect but information, both good and bad, is available and it is this information that is making people think more about what is going on. We, however, need to make sure that it is not any one persons blog or web site that drives our decision but God’s Word, prayer and more prayer. The information by itself is just words but with prayer we can seek out God’s man.

While I cannot go to the Convention I am praying that real substance is dealt with, as much as it can in so short a time, and that people leave knowing that change has to come. We can not simply keep putting up numbers and claiming largeness as out mantra but instead we would seek after a mantle of Godliness. Would it not be great if when the SBC was mentioned it would be in reference to spirituality and not numbers or some other issues? There may issues ahead but when the smoke (and mirrors) clear I would hope we would be transformed from a denomination of programs to one of mission. A mission to seek after God, for ourselves, and share the message of the Gospel with others in a dieing world.

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