Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Group Book Study (cont'd)

Here is where we are with book choices:

1) The Death of Death: In the Death of Jesus Christ – Owen
2) The Bondage of the Will – Luther
3) The Mortification of Sin – Owen
4) Lectures to My Students – CH Spurgeon
5) A Book of the Bible – God
6) Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship – Peterson
7) The Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic – Phillips, Ryken and Dever

I added the last two to the list as the one on worship sounded interesting with our focus on Biblical Theology in Sunday morning bible study. The one on the church seemed very appropriate after I read Barna’s book Revolution.

Can we choose by the end of next week (6/23) and then we can start the first week in July with what ever section we want to start with? So give me your first and second choices and I will decide by next Friday.


RevyRev said...

#5 Group blogging on commentaries and exegetical work on a book of the Bible would be challenging new ground for me. I'm down for challenging and new. I have limited experience using a greek lexicon and other language tools. So I'd be lagging behind both of you quite a bit. Which is fine with me cuz I’m sure i would learn a lot.

#4 Lectures to my Students seems like one of the easiest of the historic reads. I’m sure i would get a lot out of it as a well-rounded exhortation to ministry. But it probably won’t to too challenging. But it will probably easier to split up between other bloggers since it is composed of individual lectures right?

#1 & #3, Both Owen books seem appealing to me. Knowing that he is very exegetical in his system of argument and that he deals with very significant subjects in both of those books.

#6 & #7, You guys might have to sell me on the last two. A biblical theology of worship sounds intriguing. I know very little about the last book on the Church.

So those are some of my thoughts on the selection. In the end I suppose we should choose a book that has potential to help all the most.

If you prick me for a preference choice I would choose

1) Either of Owen books
2) Book study on one of the Pastoral Epistles.
3) Lectures to my Students

Tony said...

My personal choice would either of the Owen books. The idea of reading through them together may keep me more accountable to not give up. Maybe the Mortification of sin would be good as it is a shorter one to start with.

The one on the church is good as it speaks to what the church is so even if we do not read it together it is one I would suggest as one to read anyway.