Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Thoughts on the Convention

In an article on Agape Press from the convention Erwin McManus said:

"You know the number-one question I get from Christians when they come from other churches? 'Where do I go get discipled? Well, how many years does it take?'" he shared. The California pastor says for most Christians, that is the wrong attitude. "If you've been a Christian more than three weeks, you don't need to be discipled any more," he said. "It's time for you to start discipling."

So it only takes 3 weeks to be discipled? Is discipling something that necessarily ends? Why do we need to separate discipling from being discipled? I realize that many use the excuse that they do not know enough to allow them to do nothing but this does not mean that discipling is wrong but instead that the individual is misguided.

While Frank Page was voted in as the new president The new 1st Vice President is Jimmy Jackson who won out over Mark Dever by 77 votes. However, there were only 2,152 votes cast (20% of the total registered). Where was everyone? I am guessinghte vote was not a prime time in convention attendance but still only 20% voted.

A resolution on alcohol is passed but one on Integrity in Church Membership put forth by Tom Ascol is not. Based on the resolution on alcohol and the amendment to it, if it were to be followed, one could be a member of an entity/agency if they do not drink but if they fudge their membership numbers that is fine.

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RevyRev said...

Wow, i know there is some good news of the SBC conference. But the passing of the Resolution on Alcohol and the failure of Integrety in Church Membership really churns my stomach.

It seems like we voted against the 9th commandment in church ministry and decided instead to advocate the commandments of men.

I don't even understand how alcohol prohabition debatable Scripturally. Pardon my not-being-a-fifth-generation-Baptist but where is prohabition suggested in the Bible?

I like the SBC because we say we are "ra ra" Bible alone. but instead we act as "ra ra" Southern Baptist subculture and i just feel confused, enstranged, and frustrated.

RevyRev said...

forgive my previous comment being harsh. I know these are secondary issues. I'm sure there are many culture related sins and predujuces that God could turn my bling eye too that would overwelm me with my enduring depravity.

May God have mercy on us all and keep us from being pretenders in our trust in Christ and his Word alone.

Tony said...

Hey Dave:

I am sure someone thought it was good for someone. The good thing is that resolutions are not binding but suggestions. Even thought the wording about urging the SBC to disallow anyone who drinks alcohol from serving as an entity/agency trustee or an SBC committee member seemed a little more forceful to me.

However, you are right that this is an area that the convention should probably not step into since there is little if not Biblical support for the resolution.

I was more upset that they could pas that and not Tom Ascol's on "Integrity in Church Membership." We can lie about our numbers but not drink, hmm.

I personally get as concerned about a lot of talk among younger Baptist that are even reformed that seem to imply that if one does not drink there is an issue of legalism. Both sides are wrong. From a personal standpoint, I counsel people not to drink to avoid the possibility of drunkenness and also causing another to stumble. But this counsel not mandate.

We must juts pray that the Spirit of Christ leads us to follow His commands and that we would not follow the path of legalism or antinomianism.

May God lead us in His direction and on His path in all we do.

RevyRev said...

"We must just pray that the Spirit of Christ leads us to follow His commands and that we would not follow the path of legalism or antinomianism."

Striking middle ground is difficult and rare. I read the whole story about Tom Ascol's resolution and agree with you that this is the most disappointing thing.

Disciple Quilldancer said...

Discipleship is a problem all denominations face. There are more pew sitters than workers. The claim that they do not have the training does not hold true in my home church because we have on-going internal and external discipleship offerings. The only problem is, most of the internal discipleship programs/classes/supports are not utilized by the folks who say they don't know how -- and we cannot force them to extend themselves.

Tony said...

I agree that too many people do nothing. My concern is that the answer is not to say quit being discipled but instead that they need to serve. So that we are being both discipled and discipling/serving.