Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More SBC President News

Another nominee has surfaced, or will surface, or is that may surface ( I am so confused) at the convention. Wade Burleson at Grace and Truth to You mentions that a reporter asked him about Jerry Sutton throwing his hat in the ring. I guess none of this is official until the convention so truly only God knows who will be up for a vote. There is also a note at Steve Weaver’s blog on this as well as at SBC Outpost.

Tom Ascol makes some thought provoking comments at the Founders Blog with regards to Frank Page and his writing of Trouble with Tulip.

I still do not know who I would vote for if I could go to the convention as there is still to little information and any one of the nominees could not be on the ballot as the official nominations do not happen until the convention, as I understand it.

I am sure glad that God is the one placing people in the positions they have because I do not know how most people could make an informed vote. I spend time in the blog world and still know little about each man and I am sure the vast majority of SBCers do not spend that much time researching each man.

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