Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Are we a Christian nation, Obama says “we” are not

I would agree with Mr. Obama but only in that we are “no longer a Christian nation” in general. Any plain reading of the founders of this country, and I do not mean stopping at the 1700’s but going back to the 1600’s as well, would make it clear that we were founded on biblical principles. That this nation while imperfect was founded on God’s word and law is clearly evident in the original writings of those that founded this nation. They may not have all been Christians and they were imperfect but their “values” and “ideals’ were in large part based on scripture.

What is infuriating in this video is that Mr. Obama uses the word “we” but he does not speak for us all. He may feel this way and it is clear that he seeks to solidify us a socialist/secular nation as he even call us a secular country but he does not speak for the entire nation. What is interesting is that he speaks of “ideals” and “values” but where are these to come from if not from the word of God. If these so called “values” and “ideals” are simply the construct of the mind of man they will be ever changing, as is evident by the direction of our nation, and influenced by the God denying hearts of those that seek to be gods themselves.

While I am sure this sort of talk from the president makes secularists, humanists and atheists ecstatic I wonder how do all those professing Christians that voted for this God “forsaking” president feel. By the way I used the word forsaking” on purpose as it is evident by his actions and words that he denies, forsakes, the God of the bible. Sadly I fear that many that profess to be Christians see no issues with his comments and probably hold the same ideals and values.

As believers we need to make sure that we ground ourselves in God’s word, all of it, and rely on it as sufficient for all of life. When we turn to our own understandings we quickly become as the President. Far too many professing Christians will deride the president for what he has said and then when it comes to obeying God act just as Mr. Obama and deny God by their actions. While we may live God’s word imperfectly let us strive to live by it, under the power of the Holy Spririt, as the all sufficient rule for all of life.


Luke Austin Smith said...

Great encouragement Mr. Konvalin!

When man establishes his own "set of values" apart from the Holy Scriptures, then he is living a lie and the truth is not in him.

"Whoever says 'I know him' but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him..."

- 1 John 2:4

Stand Firm!

Brother Luke Smith

Tony said...

Hi Luke:

Good to hear from. The greatest encouragement is that God is still on the throne and all that happens is for His glory even if we do not see it from our perspective. I do know that with all that is going on I have looked much closer at God's plan for government which I may not have done without all of the shenanigans going on in Washington.

See you guys in a few weeks.