Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Demographic Winter for Muslims

Some time ago I wrote on the documentary Demographic Winter and below is a video that is along those lines. Whether one agrees with the numbers or the conclusions the principle is clear: Muslim’s are having more children while the rest of the world is not. Sadly this is true of the western church as many professing believers put off child birth and restrict the number of children they have for a myriad of reasons. While there may be physical and other valid reasons for these decisions many times the decisions are much more narcissistic.

So take from this video what you will but realize that one day we, or our children or their children, may wake up to a much different world than we see today and not the difference that we as believers would like to see. But even here we can be optimistic because none of this is out of God’s sovereign control. Times like this will be times of sifting and we need to stand firm and be obedient to God in the face of the trials we may face being always aware that God does not put before us more than His children can handle.

Thanks to Generation Cedar for placing this video on their blog. One comment on the Generation Cedar blog mentions the reliability of the statistics but as I said above the numbers are not necessarily what you need to focus on but the principle, which is also shown in Demographic Winter; that of the direction the west and I would say particularly the church, has taken with regards to children.

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