Friday, April 24, 2009

Around the Web and Blogosphere (4/24/09)

Voddie Baucham shares some excellent insights into the recent issue over Miss California’s comments regarding homosexual marriage at the latest Miss USA Pageant: Homosexual Marriage Agenda Infects Miss USA Pageant. Let me add that Christians need to be very wary of making Miss California out to be some martyr. As believers we should be just as concerned that a professing Christian, from what I understand, is prancing around on stage in front of millions in her underwear in what Voddie rightly calls, “pure soft porn sexploitation” and obviously sees nothing wrong with it. I am thankful she spoke out and was not politically correct but I would pray that she would also see the error in the event she was participating. The issue that was revealed in this event, by the reactions of the judge, is the depth of the homosexual agenda. That this is not about freedom to express ones self, was that not what the contestant was doing, but about perverting God’s design for His creation. It is about prompting an agenda and using whatever means it sees fit.

As believers we need to not state the argument against homosexual marriage based on feelings, by what we have been taught or even by a number of votes but by what God’s word says. It is not a matter of whether I feel marriage is to be between one man and one woman for life or that a majority of people in any one state thinks this way but it is about obeying God’s command for what marriage is called to be in His word. For the professing church, where the divorce rate is almost as high as in the secular realm, we need to take a hard look at ourselves and ask if we really take marriage as seriously and biblically as we should. We can decry homosexual marriage, and we should, but we need to make sure our reasoning starts with God’s word, as it will not change like opinions do, and we need to make sure we as the Church take the log out of our own eye that is not letting us see that God is not pleased with our actions regarding marriage either.

I just finished watching a new DVD by The (connected with The Apologetics Group) called: The Late Great Planet Church: The Rise of Dispensationalism Vol.1. In this volume they cover the history of dispensationalism with more to come on other areas. If you were raised and bred on dispensationalism, as many in the last 100+ years have been, this may be a struggle for you but I think it is very important to understand the history of this eschatological system. This then gives a framework for the understanding of its hermeneutic, or method of interpretation. Here is a review of the DVD by American Vision: Late Great Planet Church: A Brief Review

Scott Brown at the National Center for Family -Integrated Churches is blogging the NCFIC Confession. For all of those that seem to think that the FIC is only about the family needs to see that Article 1 relates to the Sufficiency of Scripture. This is a place that I would hope and pray all churches start with. You can read the full Confession HERE.

Many of you have seen the ads on TV with regard to vaccinating our daughters for HPV (cervical cancer). They make this out to be a harmless and necessary vaccine, but is it? The video below is a disturbing video on Gardasil and the effort to make it mandatory for girls to attend public school. The video also speaks to other issues with the vaccine. As Andrea Schwartz, where I saw this video, says: Another Good Reason to Avoid Public School. Forward this video to all those with daughters as many will simply be taken in by the rhetoric and the fear mongering being used to promote this dangerous drug.


Brandon said...

I was able to see and hear Voddie at the Worldwide Apologetics Conference at Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue last week. It was great to see him in person and he is a great speaker!

Tony said...

How was the conference? I really like that Voddie is not afraid to say what needs to be said and while the often the points he makes can be uncomfortable since when is God’s word to necessarily be comfortable.

Glenn Leatherman said...

Have you seen the DVD on "The Late Great Planet Church?"

If so do you recomend it?

Tony said...

Hi Glenn:

It was very good. the first video is on the history and there was some things I had not known. The next volume is more on the thoelgy as far as I know. This is one worth owning.