Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being Governed by Tyrants

In Mr. Obama’s press conference, or whatever you call it as it always seem very staged to me, he mentioned that the Auto Unions had made sacrifices to save the auto companies such as Chrysler. However when you read some of the items that were agreed upon one has to ask where is the sacrifice. Here are a few of the items mentioned, with my comments, in the Wall Street Journal concerning Chrysler:

1) The UAW will eventually own 55% of the company. - So this means that we the people who pay taxes get to bail out Chrysler and in the end the UAW gets to own the company. That sure is sacrifice, well at least for the American people.

2) “Chrysler will also issue a $4.59 billion note to the health-care trust fund” – I thought they were broke, so where does this money come from, oh yea the American people. How is it possible to ask for billions of money, admittedly over a few years, from a company that claims it is broke? That is unless someone provides the money, which Mr. Obama sees fit to do. So again where is the sacrifice from the UAW

3) “Among the cost-cutting measures that the UAW leaders have accepted are a suspension of cost-of-living-adjustments and new limits on overtime pay. Workers will only be paid for overtime after they have worked at least 40 hours in a week. Chrysler workers will also lose their Easter Monday holiday in 2010 and 2011, according to the union summary.” - This does not say they will not get overtime it says they will be paid overtime like most of the rest of the people that work for an hourly wage. As far as cost of living adjustments (cola) I have not had one of those in years and having a paid day for Easter, what is that.

I am not saying the automotive companies is in the right here either, what I am saying is that one needs to be very discerning about what is said by our government. They are spin masters and the truth very rarely comes out of them. Scripture speaks of sacrifice and the OT sacrifices pointed to the one true sacrifice, Jesus Christ. Mr. Obama needs to understand what true sacrifice is.

What is going on today in Washington DC is not the biblical function for government, read Romans 13:1-7. God’s purpose for government is to protect the people from “wrongdoers” as defined by God (V4) and to be “ministers of God” (V6). Until we seek government officials that have a standard that is unchanging, hint there is only one unchanging standard, and see fit to see that standard as all sufficient for not only faith but also practice we will simply see more of what we are seeing today. No politician or political party will change a thing, for God’s glory, if they do not seek to rely on the only person who can change things and His infallible, inerrant and all sufficient word. Benjamin Franklin once said, and I have also heard this attributed to William Penn: “Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants”. Since as a country we have turned from being governed by God we are left with the tyrants we now have in office. This is not a call to retreat from the world and politics but regain our moorings in His word so as to vote and make decisions based on God’s standards and not mans, by God’s law not natural law. Let us prepare and pray for the future and future elections.

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