Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where is Your Focus?

This last Lord’s Day I preached on Genesis 13:1-18 : Where is Your Focus? This passage is a great picture of the differing focuses man can have. We can focus on what looks good to our senses and move on that as Lot did or we can focus on the promise of God, today as we find in His word, as Abram. But what is also interesting in this passage is that both Abram and Lot lived in wicked lands. Sodom and Gomorrah is specifically revealed as wicked in V13 but we also know that Canaan where Abram resided was not a righteous and noble land. It was how each man lived in the land they were in, where their focus was, that changed their outcomes. Lot succumbed to Sodom to sit at the gate (Gen 19:1) while Abram built altars and worshipped contrary to the peoples around him.

This does not mean Abram did not interact with the City of man but it reveals he lived in the City of God and lived by God’s standards and not the worlds. This is the picture we need to take to heart today; We need to be where God places us and wherever that is we need to live for Him and by His word through the power supplied by God. We can move to someplace that appears the best but if we do not live by God’s standard it will in the end make no difference where we reside. If we live in the City of man we will be subsumed by it. Let us be as Abram and let our focus be on God and this includes ALL His word.

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