Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Is the Church a Family of Families? Dr. Baucham Comments

I am very thankful for Dr. Voddie Baucham and his writing. I have recently heard numerous complaints about the term regarding the FIC as it being a “Family of Families.” Usually many that have this complaint have other issues as well with the whole idea of the Family Integrated Church but this is one of the supposed theological angles they often latch onto. Voddie recently wrote a two part series on this and does a great job of explain this term: Is the Church a Family of Families? & Is the Church a Family of Families? 2

He makes the distinction, that many miss, that the term speaks to the “distinctive structure of the FIC” and not the nature of the church. As I have said and many others have said when the FIC looks at the nature of the church it is nothing but orthodox and thus the structure of the church is how we view the outworking of the nature of the church. I encourage you to read Dr. Baucham’s articles and see that the FIC is simply a move to find the most orthodox structure of the church by using scripture as the guide and not man’s ideas of how church should function. Scripture gives us all we need to function, it is sufficient, as a church and that is where we need to look first and foremost.

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