Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chuck Baldwin in Southern California.

Today we went to a meeting where Chuck Baldwin spoke. For those of you who do not know who Chuck Baldwin is, he was the presidential candidate for the Constitution Party and was also endorsed by Ron Paul. Mr. Baldwin is also the Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida. Chuck Baldwin was also the candidate I wrote in, as he was not on the ballot in California, for president because of all the choices available he was the only one that met the biblical standards I found in scripture.

It was good to hear someone speak that did not spout the same old rhetoric of most politicians, that of how the federal government can solve all of our problems. I was especially pleased to hear that he understood the priority of the states and the importance of the states in returning this country to what it was founded on. When asked how the Constitution Party could better get its message out his answer was the states needed to promote the message of the party. This is so true since as long as we look to the federal government for leadership and guidance the states will always see themselves as servants of the federal government instead of the other way around as the founders intended it.

I realize that no political party will change anything for good apart from obedience to God. But as we sojourn in this world we need to work to promote God’s word and standards and if a political party can be used by God for that endeavor then we should support it. Again always realizing that we need to see God and His word as our first allegiance so that if a party, any party does not put forth biblically qualified candidates then no mater who they are we cannot vote for them.

We need to evaluate all things by God’s word and seek to find that which we can support based on His word. You can check out the platform of the Constitution Party yourself. You may or may not agree with all points of the platform but on the important issues such as life and the role of government they are very good.

Again, I see no party or candidate as a savior but we do need to seek candidates and parties that come as close to God’s standards. When the next election comes about do not be swayed by the “lesser of two evils” and the “to not vote for a certain candidate is to vote for another” rhetoric. Prepare yourself to be able to discern candidates that meet biblical standards. This is not seeking a perfect candidate, as there are none, but to find those that meet the minimum standards that God puts forth. The time to pray and research this is now and not when the decision is placed before you in the future.

My call is not necessarily a call to join the Constitution Party, even though for me that is what I will do, but is most of all a call to discern who you support not by pragmatism but by the Word of God. It is infallible and inerrant and sufficient. Not only sufficient for faith but also for practice, including directing who we vote for. Let us not rely on the worlds pragmatism and humanistic reasoning but on God’s word as our standard.

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