Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Should We Rally Behind GM?

I recently saw the commercial below and was offended by how GM could ask us to rally together when they are taking vast amounts of money to save their hides, under the guise of saving the economy, without our express permission and agreement. This along with the fact that when things first came to a head the unions rejected pay cuts and other actions to work to save the auto companies makes such cries of rallying hard to stomach. I do not know what may have happened since that first request of the unions but the gall to ask the American people to rally behind a company, and GM is only a representative of the toxic mindset of the auto makers, that is in effect now owned by the American people is absurd.

My son wondered if with all of the bailouts and the great amount of funds that have been given to the auto makers if we are eligible for employee or better yet owner discounts. The problem is that while scripture and the constitution make the government a servant of the people, and thus we would be owners in a way of the auto makers, the government instead sees itself as being served by the people. Thus, they speak of the government having a stake in the auto makers and companies such as AIG but they do not mention the American people.

As believers we need to work and pray for a government as Paul speaks of in Romans 13:1-7. One that is to be there to serve God and His purposes as expressed in scripture. A government that is to protect the people not one that subjugates them and is served by them. We need to seek a government that is truly a minster of God and not as we now have, one largely filled with God haters that seek their own agendas and not God’s.

One plus in all that has happened in the last year is that if many are like me they are seeing the failure of government. While those that see this may be in the minority for now that can change as God changes hearts to seek the sufficiency of His word for all of life including the governance of our land. There was a time when the first settlers came here that God’s law was supreme. It may have been wielded imperfectly as we are imperfect people but the mentality was to be subject to God above all things. While that mentality has largely faded it may take a drastic falling away from God and His word’s sufficiency for all of life as we are in for the country to regain it’s foundational moorings in God’s supreme word. This needs to start somewhere and so let it start with you and me and our families and while it may take more than one generation to right this ship it can be done by the power of God. However, if it is not God’s will for this country to be righted then as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said in Dan 3:16-18 so be it as we simply need to desire God’s will to be done.

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